Ballad Of A Soldier

I’m at the border with my AK, fighting for the nation
While the other side shoots back in retaliation
My lifestyle is hostile, full of misery
It’s similar to bein’ in a penitentiary

I’m so distant from my mother, she’s having nightmares
that I’ll die prematurely, she’s mentally prepared
The thought of a bullet in my heart makes her frail
They make us wage wars so that peace can prevail

I’m in this cold temperature and I don’t even know
If I’ll ever get to witness my unborn child grow
I don’t know if I’ll wake up in the morning but the fact is
The only time they honour us is when we’re locked in caskets

Memoir Of A Drug Addict!

Drugs Destroy Lives! Here’s the story of a man . . . who jumped in the abyss of cocaine and could never make it out alive

He was surrounded by an evil so ferocious
He was a little nauseous, exhausted and incautious
Some monsters resided inside his head
He murmured — “is my conscience sleeping or is it dead?”
He was a raven at first, then became ravenous
So accursed that he dug his own grave and bit the dust
Complexities arose when he couldn’t differentiate
Between nectar and poison, both were attired the same
He overdosed on cocaine, not knowin’ it would decimate him
And the doctors couldn’t revive or resuscitate him
He was gone and they mourned the loss of a friend, a son and a confidant
Once a beast, now left as fragile and weak, regretting every snort that got him done

Through The Maze

You had a rough day and your money’s all gone
Sittin’ at your home and you’re feeling all alone.
You’re swimming in liquor, you’re drowned in your sorrows
You’re empty and hollow with no reason to wallow.

You wonder how to make your day right
When you’re surrounded by darkness in broad daylight.
Suicide’s on your mind ’cause you’re tired of tryin’
To act like a lion when on the inside you’re dyin’.

You’re perplexed but you’ll make it Through the Maze that you’re in
Don’t you dare spin in the wind of sin just to win.
Even when broke, never let your soul get embezzeled
‘Cause if you’re prayin’ for heaven, you can’t be dancin’ with the Devil!

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